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  • LI teens raise $280G for water filters, schools in Cambodia

    Sisters Emmy and Rae Specht came home to Bellport from a family trip to Cambodia determined to help address the Southeast Asian country’s rural poverty and lack of safe drinking water.
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  • Priscilla Addison ’05 and Kimberly Addison ’08 Created the Only Luxury Chocolate Brand Made in Africa

    Although West African countries produce over seventy percent of world’s cocoa, I’ll bet you can’t name one African chocolate brand. Why? Because most of the Continent’s cocoa is exported to foreign countries that produce their own brands.
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  • The World's 10 Top CEOs (They Lead in a Totally Unique Way)

    Brittany Merrill Underwood ’02 (No.5), founder and CEO of Akola Jewelry Underwood is a clear example of a servant leader practicing conscious capitalism to transform the lives of impoverished women and families. Through her nonprofit social business, Akola's jewelry line is the first Full-Impact Brand to be sold in the luxury space through their national launch in Neiman Marcus. 
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  • The Extraordinary Life and Work of Dudley Woodberry '51

    In 2014, an American evangelical missionary walked into the Foreign Ministry buildings in Tehran, at the invitation of the Iranian Foreign Minister, to facilitate understanding between those countries at the beginning of nuclear negotiations. 
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  • Brittany (center) stands with Neiman Marcus CEO Karen Katz and Akola women at Neiman Marcus launch party.

    A Profession in Faith: Brittany Merrill Underwood ’02

    Dorothy Sayers once articulated that “work is not primarily a thing one does to live, but the thing one lives to do.” Brittany Merrill Underwood ’02 wholeheartedly embraces this vocational concept as founder and president of Akola Jewelry, a non-profit jewelry brand designed to help impoverished women achieve sustainable economic development. For Brittany, vocation denotes both a professional and spiritual journey, an unpredictable process of learning and growing communally in faith and in service. “I wouldn’t have been able to see it initially,” she says, “but through my work, God showed me who He created me to be, and that’s so much more than just surviving and going through life.” 
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  • Hickey: Being AD at Stony Brook School is Dream Job

    I was only two-years-old the first time I stepped onto a basketball court. I left my perch in the bleachers and strode across the sideline in a determined pursuit for the ball. Unfortunately, it was the middle of a Stony Brook School basketball game. Read more
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  • Emil Vaughn’s ‘D’, Mac Bohuny’s offense give Stony Brook ‘C’ title

    “He’s the engine that makes them go,” Stony Brook coach Mike Hickey said. So he took his best defensive player, 5-9 junior guard Emil Vaughn, out of the garage and assigned him to guard Anderson. Read more
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  • Memories are Made of This: Dream, Disappointment, Deliverance

    I’m aware that, over the six decades since I first arrived at The Stony Brook School, faulty versions of my athletic exploits have seeped into the lore of The Brook. This is an attempt to amend the fiction with truth from 60 years ago, then 20 years, then today. 
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  • Memories are Made of This: The Stony Brook Assembly

    Six decades ago, the Stony Brook Assembly was in decline. So what? For most readers of these nostalgic narratives, that foregoing sentence has little meaning or relevance to their connection with The Stony Brook School. 
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  • Memories are Made of This: Meeting FEG

    I thank Dan Hickey for the invitation to explore my memory bank and recall from six decades ago anecdotes about athletes and coaches at The Stony Brook School. Here’s a logical sequel to the first story about the Poly Prep coach who, in 1951, gave me my first pair of track spikes.
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  • Actress Sarah Drew '98 Delivers Valedictory Address, Urges Graduates to Live in the Present

    University of Virginia
    From the steps of Old Cabell Hall, acclaimed actress Sarah Drew looked on as thousands of soon-to-be University of Virginia alumni sat earnestly amongst the backdrop of the renovated Rotunda, anticipating her words of wisdom.
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  • Memories are Made of This: How It All Began

    I’ve been asked to reminisce in writing from time to time about athletes I’ve cheered or coached over more than three decades at The Stony Brook School, starting in the fall of 1957. But my memories actually begin more than six years earlier, in the spring of 1951—65 years ago.
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  • NY state expands funding for non-public schools

    Leaders of independent, Catholic and Jewish schools reacted with elation to expanded funding for nonpublic schools for the 2016-17 academic year included in the just-passed state budget.

    “Not only does this funding help thousands of kids whose schools like ours face funding challenges, it also should be seen as a step toward breaking down the walls that have prevented public, private and parochial schools from working together to help all of our kids,” Joshua Crane, head of school at The Stony Brook School, said Friday.
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  • Chester Kayonga lifts Stony Brook School to Class C title

    Growing up in the East African country of Rwanda, Chester Kayonga’s favorite NBA player was Kobe Bryant. But Kayonga, a 6-4 senior, didn’t begin playing basketball until he was a ninth grader.

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