Retain, recruit, and reward the best faculty members in the world.

A teacher at The Stony Brook School must be many things: a follower of Jesus Christ, an effective mentor, a community builder, a passionate scholar, an inspiring coach, a thoughtful theologian, and a model of biblical literacy. Our mission depends greatly on our people. Therefore, the School will make employing and rewarding outstanding faculty a key priority. Hiring and development will emphasize excellence, which will be judged on three levels:
  • Character - Stony Brook School teachers will demonstrate exceptional character as they model godly living before the community. 
  • Competence - Stony Brook School teachers will demonstrate skilled and engaging teaching, depth of knowledge of their subject material, a deep understanding of adolescents, and cross-cultural competency. 
  • Culture fit - Stony Brook School teachers will contribute positively to the life of the School by wholeheartedly embracing Stony Brook’s mission, values, and ethos. 

Action Steps:
  • Re-engineer compensation and benefits to compete for talent by meeting NAIS salary benchmarks. 
  • National searches will be conducted to fill vacancies. 
  • Cultivate the School’s Teaching Fellows Program and develop relationships with Christian Union and ministries with significant presences on college campuses in order to attract the best and brightest mission-appropriate candidates, and capitalize upon this pool to increase diversity in the hiring of faculty and staff. 
  • Expand the professional development program to build capacity in our teachers.

The Stony Brook School

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