International Student Partnership (ISP)

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  • What is the International Student Partnership program?

    The International Student Partnership (ISP) is a required English language and American culture immersion program designed specifically for international students as they first enter the school. We believe that the English language and American culture are best learned through classroom instruction as well as personal relationships with American students. This program is by invitation only and requires preregistration and payment. Should you have any questions, please contact the ISP Director.
  • What is the summer program?

    Two weeks before the school year begins, international students are welcomed into the homes of Stony Brook faculty or the families of day students. The international students attend intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. The program also includes a three day trip with their American partners to different locations. The international students also attend special dinners and cultural events and experience “everyday” American life in the local community.
  • Who will my partner be?

     Based upon selections made by The Stony Brook School, each international student will be paired with an American partner of the same gender and roughly the same age and grade.  The American student may be from anywhere in the United States or its territories. 70% of students enrolled at Stony Brook are from the New York area and around the United States.
  • Will I see my partner during the school year?

    The partnership program continues throughout the year.  Over Long Weekend in October, the international students travel to the homes of the American students. The students also mutually choose another weekend during the early part of the first semester to spend together, and will attend at least two ISP sponsored events during the year. It is our hope that the partners build a solid and lasting relationship.
  • How much does the ISP program cost?

    The cost for the year long ISP language and cultural exchange program is $4,500 per international student. This is in addition to the boarding tuition. The total payment is due (in full) BEFORE the ISP program begins.
  • What are the academic requirements?

    Once the school year begins, the international students are required to take ESL classes if placement in such a class is determined, as well as fully participate academically, athletically, and socially. There are two levels: ESL I and ESL II, and an Expository Writing Course for those students who need even further refinement of their writing skills. Occasionally an international student will be mainstreamed upon entrance. Placement in academic classes will be based on previously completed coursework and grade level, and our own internal assessments.  All international students must be fully mainstreamed by their senior year.
  • What type of visa do I need?

    After the Admissions Office receives the following documents, an I-20 form will be issued:
    1. Signed reservation contract
    2. Tuition deposit
    3. Copy of your current passport (which must be valid for at least one year)
    4. Copy of a financial report indicating that funding is available
    The I-20 enables a student to obtain a valid F1 Student Visa to study in the United States.  A copy of the F1 Student Visa must be sent to the Admissions Office BEFORE the student arrives on campus in August.

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