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Spaces teach. They communicate values; they inspire or inhibit creativity; they invite or they repel learning. At The Stony Brook School, we want our classrooms to be places where great conversations can take place, where truth, beauty, and goodness can be pursued, and where problems can be solved creatively and collaboratively. That is why we have begun redesigning our classrooms from top to bottom. Gaebelein Hall, with its centerpiece, the Weldon STEM Lab, already in place will be devoted to STEM education. As a unifying concept, we have chosen "Creation," reflecting not only our acknowledgement of God's handiwork through the study of mathematics and science but also our desire for students to see the building as a site for their creative engagement with the world. The rooms will reflect the theme, with a modern Scandanavian aethetic layered with natural elements and creative technological design solutions. Memorial Hall will now be devoted entirely to the Humanities. The concept we have chosen is "Conversation." We want this building to be a place where students feel welcomed into a conversation with their teachers, their peers, and with the authors of the great books they will study. The hallway will function as a timeline, with each room being named after and inspired by famous historical and literary figures, arranged chronologically. From the Old Testament heroes to the Inklings, Memorial will connect students to the teachers of their teachers. The rooms will feature a more traditional aesthetic, with comfortable seating and tables that can be rearranged easily for a variety of conversation formats.

At the start of the 2016 school year, we will have completed the following renovations:
  1. Redesign of Gaebelein Lobby
  2. Creation of the Weldon STEM Lab
  3. Partial redesign of the Gaebelein 3 mathematics room
  4. Transformation of Memorial 10 into the Shakespeare room
  5. Renovation of Memorial 11 into the Jane Austen room
  6. Redesign of Memorial 12 into the Abolitionists and Activists room
  7. Creation of the Inklings (C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, et al) room for English classes in Memorial 13
  8. Partial redesign of M6 into the Aquinas room

If you are interested in helping us make this vision a reality for our students, please visit our Giving page.

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