College Counseling

The Stony Brook School is committed to helping each student throughout the college planning process--a process that is ongoing from the moment a student arrives on campus.  The School’s curriculum is designed to not only meet, but to exceed the admission requirements of the most prestigious colleges and universities.  Our integrated approach offers students a rigorous academic program alongside unlimited opportunities for participation in the arts, theater, athletics and leadership.  In helping them develop as individuals, this combination also serves to make them more successful as college candidates.

As students begin their junior and senior years, the college counselor helps them assess their abilities, potential, and performance, and endeavors to recommend colleges and universities that will provide an appropriately challenging environment.  From the beginning of the search process to the final decision of matriculation, the college counseling office exists to guide students as they navigate through the application process, assisting them in any way that it can as they push off towards their future.